Healthcare Learning Innovations is now Sentinel U. We’re offering the virtual clinicals you love, and there is much more coming soon.

We are Sentinel  U

The Possibilities are “Virtually” Endless

How Can Sentinel  U’s Virtual Clinicals Help You?

Sentinel U is advancing nursing academic education and healthcare professional training by providing virtual clinicals, simulations, and scenarios that are engaging, effective, and economical. Sentinel U provides future and practicing nurses with online simulations that are convenient for learners to safely practice healthcare and patient scenarios anywhere, at any time, while earning virtual clinical hours.

Our virtual clinicals integrate seamlessly into your programs’ curricula to enhance learning and offer virtual clinical hours and simulated practice experience while building confidence and skills.

Our Mission Addresses Your Challenges

Sentinel U’s products address several pressures facing nursing and healthcare education, including the ongoing nursing faculty shortage, the difficulty of finding student clinical placements, concerns for patient safety, challenges managing clinical site relationships, and increasing costs of physical clinical training.

Our Virtual Clinical Solutions Are:


Our virtual clinicals offer an interactive and immersive way to learn. Advance through progressively challenging scenarios while receiving immediate feedback and earning achievement badges along the way.


Nurse leaders designed each one of our virtual simulations and scenarios, so you can feel confident that our virtual clinicals map directly to AACN essentials, QSEN competencies, and NCLEX categories. Learners benefit from robust learning experiences and earn virtual clinical hours when traditional clinical opportunities are scarce and sometimes unfulfilling.


Our years of experience have resulted in upgraded dashboards, complimentary faculty resources and activities, and 24/7 support. As the healthcare industry changes, we listen closely to your needs; our constantly expanding portfolio includes innovative content relating to telehealth, med-surg, mental and behavioral health and more.

No matter who you are, our virtual clinicals offer countless education and training benefits…


  • Our virtual clinicals allow faculty to teach in ways students want to learn
  • Pre-packaged curricula, grading rubrics, and automated grading save faculty time
  • Our virtual resources provide essential content that map easily to course objectives and integrate seamlessly into curricula

How our products support Educators >


  • Our virtual clinicals are affordable yet extremely effective in developing skills and knowledge
  • Increase patient and staff safety while boosting employee retention
  • Choose the simulation or scenario that directly addresses the training or learning gaps you need to close

How our products support Healthcare Organizations >


  • Provide new nurse or staff training to refine skills and build confidence
  • Develop future leaders and strengthen the understanding of connections between clinical judgment, outcomes and financial impact
  • Build an agile team that can administer quality care in any department

How our products support Hospital Staff >


  • Learn in a risk-free setting at your own pace
  • Prepare for the NCLEX or gain simulated clinical experience you need to prepare for your next step
  • Our virtual clinicals provide detailed, automated feedback with rationale so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses

How our products support Nurses >

Why Sentinel  U?

We are a division of American Sentinel University, a regionally accredited university with 20 years of online education experience, exclusively focusing on nursing and healthcare professionals. Our origin in 2015 as Healthcare Learning Innovations provides a unique perspective for developing and deploying digital learning products resulting in 90,000 learner experiences. Our content is researched and designed by leading healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

Sentinel U is committed to ensuring we adhere to ADA and Social Justice best practices. See our About Us page.

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