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Dalhousie University School Study Shows Now is the Time to Get on Board with Virtual Learning for Community and Population Health

A pilot study at Dalhousie University School of Nursing was conducted last year to answer this research question: “Is there a difference in student perceptions of their learning outcomes between clinical placements with a […]

This Fall, Nurse Educators are Looking for Clinical Experiences Without the Clinic

It’s very clear that there is nothing “usual” about 2020’s back-to-school time. COVID-19 has led to unprecedented uncertainty for nursing school administrators, educators, and sim lab coordinators everywhere. Finding clinical placements has become even […]

Overcoming Disruptions to Nursing Education During the COVID-19 Crisis

Colleges and universities around the world are transitioning to remote learning, and most of them are looking to online learning platforms to keep their students progressing toward the end of the school year. For […]

Sentinel Health® – Virtual Health System Transforming Nursing Education for the Future of Healthcare

The fundamental tenets of nursing have remained the same for decades, but the world nurses live and work in is undergoing profound change. Preparing them for that increasingly complex and technology-driven world requires giving […]

How Virtual Clinical Scenarios Can Help Improve a Cultural Organization

It’s not easy to be a brand-new nurse. Understandably, many nurses who are fresh out of school feel overwhelmed and have some self-doubt about their ability to impact patient outcomes. They’re just beginning to […]

“The Results are In” Webinar Recap

Did you miss out on our webinar last week? Don’t worry, below you’ll find the highlights. Healthcare Learning Innovations surveyed the nursing education market, aiming to improve their Virtual Clinical Simulations and Scenarios and […]

Nursing Quality Indicators Virtual Clinical Scenario Offers Pre- and Post-Licensure Simulated Clinical Hours

“You never stop learning” is a mantra nurses know well. Great nurses keep developing clinical judgment, communication and leadership skills during nursing school, in new nurse residency programs and when inspired to continue their […]

How Simulations Enhance American Sentinel’s SIMPath® Program

Nurses with experience have a new way to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees: through American Sentinel’s RN to BSN program powered by SIMPath®. Through SIMPath®, students complete online competencies at their own pace […]

Economic and Experiential Advantages of Screen-Based Virtual Simulations in Nursing Education

Between managing budgets, revising curricula, staffing and competing for students, nursing program administrators make a lot of critical decisions. The challenge of balancing premium education against operational costs includes answering these questions: How can […]

Enhancing Nursing Education with Virtual Clinical Simulations and Scenarios

Healthcare Learning Innovations, a division of American Sentinel University, is the creator of adaptive learning techniques that simulate activities performed by nurses and nursing students in game-based simulations. Nursing schools around the country are […]

How Screen-based Virtual Nursing Exercises Can Help Students Develop and Improve Clinical Judgement Skills

Throughout their training, nursing students are asked, “What do you think is the best course of action?” Problem-solving and prioritizing, whether working on a routine procedure or responding to a complex or critical situation, […]

Teaching Nursing Students Prioritization Through Virtual Scenarios

Some charge nurses are so cool under pressure, it looks as though they were born for the role. It’s much more likely they are drawing on training and experience. They’re the captain or quarterback […]