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9 Key Questions on Simulation-Based Learning, Answered!

Today we take a look at 9 Key Questions on Simulation-Based Learning, addressed and answered by Healthcare Learning Innovation’s Executive Director of Learning Innovation, Trevor Rasmusson. Here, Trevor provides us an insider’s perspective on content, […]

Three Options for Integrating Virtual Nursing Simulations and Virtual Clinical Scenarios into Nursing Education Curricula

Every nurse educator has an individual approach to teaching. The educator’s approach, their “style,” is reflected in the learning activities they choose, how the overall curriculum is structured, the learning process and finally, in […]

The History of Nursing Education in the U.S.

The practice of nursing has overcome many challenges on its path to becoming a respected profession. A field dominated by women, nurses often found themselves bound by traditional gender roles and seen as inexpensive […]

Responses to Objections on Teaching With Virtual Simulation

Simulation as a teaching methodology prepares nurses and other medical professionals for practice in today’s complex healthcare environment. By creating a rich setting that poses no risk to patients, virtual simulation helps nursing students integrate theory […]

Top 5 Reasons Simulation Is Better Than Reality In Healthcare Education

With a proven history of efficiency and efficacy towards learners, educational simulation has become an integral component of preparing healthcare professionals to work with patients. Designed for students and faculty, simulation provides a safe, secure and […]

Healthcare Educational Simulation Takes Flight

Simulation first became popular during the 1930s when flight simulators taught new pilots how to fly by responding to pilot controls and providing accurate instrument readings. During World War II, almost every battling nation […]