Are you an Educator? Hospital Employee? Find the Product that Fits your Needs

Sentinel U’s virtual clinicals were created to solve healthcare education and training pressures… but we understand that these pressures are neither simple nor singular, and that is why our products are built with a variety of audiences in mind. Maybe you are an educator looking for the best ways to enhance your online course. Maybe you are training new nurses and need to provide real-world experience while guaranteeing patient safety. Maybe you work for a healthcare organization and are determined to increase skills and confidence without paying a fortune.

No matter who you are, you can feel confident that our learning resources are tailored to meet your needs. Our virtual clinicals are engaging, affordable and effective. Each one of our learning resources has been developed by nurse educators specifically for nurse educators or others working in the healthcare industry. We provide over 35,000 learner experiences annually and know you will find our products easy to implement. Our years of experience have resulted in upgraded dashboards, 24/7 support, complimentary faculty resources and immediate learner feedback. Engage your learners with immersive simulations and scenarios that become progressively more challenging and offer relevant, constantly evolving content.

We address nursing and healthcare education pressures

  • Difficulty in securing clinical placement sites: The supply of clinical sites available for nursing programs cannot keep up with the demand driven by the ongoing nursing and educator shortage.

  • Concerns for patient safety: As increased competition for clinical placement sites rise, there is a concern for patient safety and reducing the number of nursing students allowed on a patient unit at one time.

  • Accessibility: The accelerating closure of rural hospitals creates geographic boundaries which can be alleviated in part through virtual simulations.

  • Cost: The costs associated with establishing and maintaining medium and high-fidelity simulation labs can be prohibitive.

  • Effectiveness: Numerous research papers have demonstrated that simulations are just as effective as traditional clinical experiences in pre-licensure nursing education.

Let us match you to the virtual clinicals that best fit your needs. Our simulations and scenarios are innovative, affordable, and most importantly, effective. Allow us to deliver the digital content you need in ways that people want to learn.

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