Put Your Nursing Education Challenges Behind You

Healthcare education is an incredibly important and challenging field. As a faculty member or program administrator, you are faced with many responsibilities such as presenting knowledge in a way that engages learners, and finding clinical placements that provide the experiences needed to meet your course or professional development objectives. How do you guarantee that you are not only teaching pertinent information, but also providing robust opportunities for each learner to confidently work as a healthcare provider?

Allow Sentinel U™ to enhance your teaching with ways that students want to learn.

Many institutions are faced with finding clinical hours in Med-Surg, Peds, Mental / Behavioral Health, Maternal / OB and other specialties.  Our virtual clinicals are cost-effective, and they come with in-simulation activities or assignments, grading rubrics, and automated feedback for students. Faculty members receive unique student reports and have access to a dashboard to view student activity. Our virtual clinicals are built by nursing faculty and subject matter experts to map directly to industry recognized nursing competencies and prepare learners with essential content they need to move forward.

Your students will thank you.