Immersive Virtual Simulations that Facilitate Learning Anytime and Anywhere

Immersive Virtual Simulations that Facilitate Learning Anytime and Anywhere

Immersive Virtual Simulations that Facilitate Learning Anytime and Anywhere

Sentinel U® started with two simulations: Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town®. These flagship products have been incorporated into countless Public Health Nursing or Community Health courses and have given learners keys to the city (or town) so they can explore, engage, and execute on objectives in a risk-free environment. As one client said, “These resources really represent what we talk about in class, even better than the placements we have been able to provide.”

Virtual clinicals may be the wave of the future, but these innovative, fully immersive simulations have been around for years. Our experience is your gain. These virtual communities come with more than 50 complete assignments and grading rubrics, diverse characters and elements of disaster preparedness and infection prevention control.

Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town® include a Faculty Resource Portal that includes a faculty guide, assignment catalog and a dashboard guide, while the Student Resource Portal includes a quick start guide, video, and diagnosis and assessment forms.

Up to 30 Clinical Hours and 30 Individual Assignments

Sample of Assignment Topics

  • Family Support Assessment
  • Home Safety Assessment Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan
  • Basic Windshield Survey
  • Professional Roles and Organizations
  • Health Policy Recommendations
  • Compare & Contrast: City vs Town
  • Tornado Emergency Response Planning
  • Civic Disturbance / Emergency Response & Social Media Communication
  • ABC Day Care Emergency Scenario
  • NEW pandemic assignments
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Malnutrition among the Older-Elderly
  • Population-Focused Interventions
  • Global Community Health Issues
  • Community and Health Subsystem
    • Assignments
    • Physical Environment
    • Communication
    • Economics
    • Education
    • Health & Social Services
    • Politics and Government
    • Recreation
    • Safety & Transportation
  • 23 Diverse Citizens + 4 Key Informants

  • 100+ Sets of Unique and Authentic Data and Demographics

  • Virtual Urban and Suburban Locations and Neighborhoods

  • “Camera” and Notes Wizard for Recording Observations

  • Fully Integrated Family Support and Home Assessment with Care Plan

  • Searchable Assignment Catalog, Including 30+ Assignments with Grading Rubrics

  • Admin Portal with Access to Activity Reports

  • Detailed Faculty Guide with Operating Instructions and Teaching Suggestions

ALIGN℠ – Community Health Course Digital Teaching Resources

Alleviate the stress and time involved with course and content development and get a ready-made and easily adoptable digital community health course as an add-on to Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town®. This course provides nurse educators with 16 weeks of content that perfectly align with community health course curriculum standards, eliminating the need for textbooks.


Multi-Site Study Finds Sentinel City® Produces Positive Learning Outcomes for Nursing Students

Researchers conducted a multi-site study that revealed participants demonstrated high confidence in many areas, including communication, collaboration, and leadership; legal, ethical, and professional accountability; and critical thinking.


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