Practice Community and Population Health in a Risk-Free Learning Environment

Sentinel City® v.5 Community and Population Health Virtual Simulation

Simulation-Based Learning for Nursing Students

Sentinel City® is the ​​award-winning immersive virtual simulation program for community and population health that offers nursing students engaging and authentic learning experiences. This cutting-edge technology is designed to help nursing students develop advanced observation techniques, cultivate critical thinking skills, and confidently make community health assessments in a risk-free learning environment.

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New & Enhanced Sentinel City® v.5

  • Audio/Visual Upgrades
  • Interface and Performance Improvements
  • Real-World Datasets

  • Content Expansions

    • New Key Informants
    • New Citizens and Locations
    • Upgraded Family Support and Home Assessment
    • Assignment Catalog Enhancements
  • New Features

    • Auditory Bus Tour
    • New Suburban Neighborhood
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Augment and Enhance Your Curriculum Throughout a Term, Course, and Entire Program

Sample of Assignment Topics

  • Family Support Assessment
  • Home Safety Assessment Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan
  • Basic Windshield Survey
  • Professional Roles and Organizations
  • Health Policy Recommendations
  • Compare & Contrast: City vs Town
  • Tornado Emergency Response Planning
  • Civic Disturbance / Emergency Response & Social Media Communication
  • ABC Day Care Emergency Scenario
  • NEW pandemic assignments
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Malnutrition among the Older-Elderly
  • Population-Focused Interventions
  • Global Community Health Issues
  • Community and Health Subsystem

– Assignments

– Physical Environment

– Communication

– Economics

– Education

– Health & Social Services

– Politics and Government

– Recreation

–  Safety & Transportation

All clinical hours and assignments align with QSEN Quality and Safety Competencies, new AACN Essentials, NLN Core Competencies, and Quad Council Core Competencies.

Comprehensive Datasets

Utilize the new Sentinel City® v.5 datasets to meet Public Health core competencies such as biostats, epidemiology, demography, workplace health, infectious diseases, community assessment, and program planning and evaluation. Using these datasets – all from authentic sources, the public health nurse can make assessments in the areas of community health status, social determinants of health, social justice, and disease prevention.

30 Clinical Hours & 30+ Assignments

$99 per Student

From the minds of nurse leaders and educators, Sentinel City® v.5 uses proven, results-based best practices to challenge nursing students, drive critical thinking in a simulated public health scenario, and prepare them for success as they embark on their nursing careers.

Learners interview diverse citizens and key informants, engage in family support and home assessment, and explore different businesses, neighborhoods, and services on a new narrated bus tour. While the hours and activities within this immersive platform are almost limitless, many use Sentinel City® to earn up to 30 hours for each of their learners.

Enjoy the variety that comes with the Assignment Catalog; this virtual city can cover everything from community assessments and infection prevention and control issues to natural disasters and population-focused interventions. Plus, nurse educators have access to a portal featuring comprehensive resources such as an upgraded faculty guide, a new searchable assignment catalog, and grading rubrics to augment and enhance their curriculum.

  • 23 Diverse Citizens + 4 Key Informants

  • 100+ Sets of Unique and Authentic Data and Demographics

  • Virtual Urban and Suburban Locations and Neighborhoods

  • “Camera” and Notes Wizard for Recording Observations

  • Fully Integrated Family Support and Home Assessment with Care Plan

  • Searchable Assignment Catalog, Including 30+ Assignments with Grading Rubrics

  • Admin Portal with Access to Activity Reports

  • Detailed Faculty Guide with Operating Instructions and Teaching Suggestions

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