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Mental illness is a problem that nurses encounter on a regular basis. To properly deliver patient-centered care, nursing students must be trained to not only assess the patient’s physical being but the emotional, psychological, and social well-being as well.

Unfortunately access to psych-mental health facilities is limited, making it increasingly difficult for nursing students to obtain valuable clinical experience working with this complex population. This is where virtual simulation can play a valuable role in meeting competencies. Virtual simulations allow learners to encounter, evaluate, and treat patients with a variety of psych-mental health issues in a safe and risk-free virtual environment.

Join Dr. Laura Gonzalez and Brayla Roberts as we discuss how virtual simulation can better prepare nursing students to address the growing incidence of mental illness in this country.

Brayla Roberts, MSN, RN, is an Assistant Dean and Professor at Arizona College.  Professor Roberts teaches mental/behavioral health utilizing simulations. She has been a nurse more than 10 years and holds a master’s in nursing education. She has experience working in many settings such as the ER, Med/Surg, Neuro, Home Health, Hospice, and Risk Management.

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