Now that you have your login credentials, even if you can’t access the simulator immediately, access the program right away so you can bookmark the page and save your credentials. This will make your return visits much quicker.

Once you are logged in, here are key things you will want to do in order to thoroughly assess the program.

  • Watch the tutorial videos, these are a great way to become familiar with the simulation and all it has to offer!
  • After watching the videos, practice using the buttons by clicking on the phone icon.

  • Click the Bus icon and take a ride through the five neighborhoods. Take an opportunity to get on/off the bus, use your arrow keys to navigate once off the bus. Be sure to turn up your volume and listen to the Audio Tour!

  • Go back to your phone icon and click on Map. Explore the 13 key Locations, the five Enter and Explore opportunities. Be sure to click on the corresponding data sets by selecting the blue and white square with the “i.”

  • There are 13 Locations to choose from:

  • Interfaith Church
  • School
  • DOT
  • Health Clinic
  • Daycare
  • Affordable Housing
  • Home Improvement Store
  • Radio Station
  • Community Center
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness Clinic
  • Lake
  • University

  • And five Enter and Explore options with several options within in each location:
  • Healthcare System
  • Public Health Department
  • Grocery
  • City Hall
  • Progressive Care Center
  • Apartment (FSHA has a separate guide)

  • Engage with the Key Informants and the Citizens, they have lots of valuable information to share.
  • Please note you may access the Key Informants two ways – Select the Map button and choose the last tab labeled Key Informants or by clicking on the Contacts button from the phone icon.

  • Citizens, there are 18 adults and 7 children for learners to engage.

  • The interactive Key Informants who share valuable information.

  • Back on the phone icon be sure to check out the Demographics and the Camera button for the Photo Journal.

  • Check out the Faculty Resources. Here you will find our one of kind searchable assignment catalog and other tools that have been created to help you integrate the Sentinel City v.5 into your course(s).


For questions and to discuss next steps, please contact:

VP, Sales

800 Country Club Road, P.O. Box 2540
Waterbury, CT 06723

Direct: 303.223.4771 Cell: 205.281.7194