A Visual Platform to Easily Measure and Evaluate Learner Progress

Transform your approach to evaluating learner performance with METRIX performance tracker from Sentinel U®. This performance-focused platform enhances your understanding of learner performance, offering deep insight into student readiness for real-world nursing practice.

  • Gain a full view of individual and aggregate learner performance, including scoring, time spent, and completion status.
  • Compare learner scores to performance expectation benchmarks and percentiles to easily identify areas where learners excel or need improvement.
  • View product alignment to AACN Essentials and other professional competencies, ensuring learners meet the standards necessary for success in their nursing careers.
  • Track progress over time and identify trends with detailed learner activity reports, including easy-to-review charts and panels.
  • Filter performance data based on time frame, resource, or course.
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Key Features of METRIX:

  • Comprehensive Performance Insights
  • Benchmark for Evaluation and Comparison
  • Data on Both an Individual Learner Basis or by Cohort
  • Alignment to Professional Competencies
  • Detailed Activity Reports
  • Flexible Filtering Options

Track Learner Growth with Detailed Activity Reports

Upon completion of a simulation, learner responses are calculated by category (NCLEX) or skill (NCJMM) and displayed by percentage. METRIX allows facilitators to view scores by individual product, highlighting areas where learners excel, meet expectations, or need improvement. Scores can be gauged to Sentinel U benchmarks or used to compare learner groups. Performance data is compiled into easy-to-review charts and panels which can be filtered to isolate course data and group progress and highlight individual learner activity.

Map Progress to Professional Competencies

Each of the virtual patient encounters in our portfolio is mapped to the AACN Essentials domains, enabling facilitators to be informed on how each simulation can be used within a competency-based education model. Going beyond the AACN Essentials, Sentinel U products align with the NCSBN, CJMM and the NCLEX Client Needs Categories. This comprehensive approach ensures that learners not only meet the essential nursing competencies but are also better prepared for practice, setting the foundation for a successful nursing career.

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