Enhancements to the urban environment will include:

  • Interactive Mayor, a virtual intelligent agent that students can interview
  • Family and home assessment with care plan exercise
  • Public Health Office and Community Center
  • 12 interactive city residents with detailed biographic panels, plus assignment
  • Teleportation map providing quick access to individual characters and locations

Sentinel City Mayor

The Mayor is an interactive question and answer bot allowing students to ask open-ended public and community health related questions about the city. It also encourages student exploration with responses that lead learners to key locations throughout the city. The home assessment exercise provides a safe environment that students can use to complete a comprehensive analysis and inform their care plan.

“We’re excited to incorporate new, highly-interactive elements like the Mayor and the home assessment exercise which will allow students to think critically and investigate at their own speed,” says Trevor Rasmusson, the Learning Innovation Manager for Healthcare Learning Innovations. “This type of educational gamification helps increase student engagement and new skill retention,” states Rasmusson.

Sentinel City® 3.0 is the beginning of a series of new products, leading up to Sentinel World, which promise to delight and inspire learners at every stage of their educational development.

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