Healthcare Learning Innovations announces the planned development of a simulated world for community and public health nursing courses that includes a new rural setting.  Sentinel World™ is a large expansion project building upon Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation, the company’s existing educational simulation that has been in-market 3 years. A client student comments on the existing simulation, “I really enjoyed the virtual city as it felt like I was more involved in a real life situation rather than just reading and completing an assignment. The virtual city actually had me feeling physically involved and a member of the community.”

The expansion project adds various new environments for nursing students to experience and assess including an enhanced urban setting, as well as new rural and suburban settings, each encompassing added functionality and interactivity. “We are developing multiple in-sim assessments and additional digital learning tools to increase the number of simulated learning clinical hours available for students,” states Jeffrey Caplan, President of Healthcare Learning Innovations. “One goal is to ease the faculty burden to secure clinical hours and clinical placement management for students,” says Caplan.

Sentinel World will be expanded in three phases, all of which will be commercially available by the fall term of 2017. The first phase of development, available by the summer term, will add numerous interactive elements to the urban setting, including:

  • Family support and home assessment exercise
  • Final care plan creation
  • Public Health Department Virtual Intelligent Agent, or question and answer bot
  • 12 interactive city residents with detailed biographic panels

Phases two and three will incorporate similar interactivity and assessment integration into new rural and suburban settings, addressing the need for diverse settings expressed by nurse educators throughout the country. These geographic expansions make it easier for nursing and public health students to gain exposure to both familiar and new areas. Future Sentinel World™ development will increase, diversify and enhance student activity within the simulation by presenting unfolding case studies, embedded assessments, and voice and text-based instruction for learners to create an unparalleled, immersive user experience.

To learn more about Sentinel City®, watch our video or contact us.

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