Healthcare Learning Innovations announces the launch of highly immersive and engaging Sentinel City® 3.0 Population Health Simulation, which is now commercially available. The educational simulation is designed by nurse educators for use in community, public health or other nursing courses. The simulation provides valuable practice experience and simulated clinical hours for students, helping to ease the faculty burden of managing clinical hours. Version 3.0 significantly adds to the core functionality and in-sim capabilities with increased interactive elements and course-based activities.

Sentinel City® 3.0 includes:

  • 17 complete assignments with AACN Essentials mapping and grading rubrics
  • Integrated Family Support and Home Assessments with Final Care Plan
  • Faculty dashboard monitoring student progress and time spent in the simulation
  • 13 characters with detailed biographical information for individual case studies
  • Interactive Mayor providing information on the city’s 8 community health subsystems

Sentinel City® 3.0 Population Health Simulation will be implemented in several schools across the U.S. starting this month. Paula Baumann, Assistant Professor at Indiana University East School of Nursing states, “Indiana University East is excited to implement Sentinel City® 3.0 into our RN to BSN Community Health courses at our multiple sites. Combining the Sentinel City® simulation with local community opportunities will provide our students with a comprehensive approach to community health nursing.”

Jeffrey Caplan, President of Healthcare Learning Innovations states, “Sentinel City® 3.0 is now so much more than a digital windshield survey. It is a robust simulation with many new in-depth assignments. For example, learners can practice emergency preparedness at a day care facility disaster scenario, or address population health and disease prevention by identifying health issues via interactive citizens.” This versatile simulation can be used to compliment and expand on existing community experiences, or used independently for integrated assessments and assignments revolving around new digital environments, experiences and characters from within the simulation.

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