We at Healthcare Learning Innovations, would like to take this opportunity to share with you our story of becoming the New Division of American Sentinel University. As part of American Sentinel University, Healthcare Learning Innovations brings 15 years of expertise in modern pedagogy and online education, providing a comprehensive digital portfolio of interactive courses, educational simulations, innovative learning products and services for healthcare professionals and educators.

In launching Healthcare Learning Innovations, we listened to the feedback from American Sentinel students and alumni, requesting non-credit short course skill training to solidify their understanding of specific topics. We also listened to the needs of the marketplace for a more modernized and fun student learning experience with interactive content and immersive learning, assessments and proof of topic knowledge. Healthcare Learning Innovations meets these needs with a suite of digital products that are continuously evolving and improving, saving both time and money for healthcare professionals and educators alike.

The Healthcare Learning Innovations product offerings consist of three main product types:

Interactive Courses:

Feature immersive, learn-by-doing digital exercises and downloadable reference materials for a more engaging, effective, and enjoyable learning experience. Each course includes customized job aids, self-assessments, and interactive exercises using online digital technology and simulation. In addition, courses may include tutorials and videos.

Topics include clinical workflow, customer service, infection prevention and control, conflict resolution, revenue cycle management, nurse bullying, healthcare trends and strategies, and more!

Virtual Intelligent Agents:

Interactive digital agents, or bots, such as MAURA and Professor IQ, assist in fielding questions and providing digital support around the clock. They are remarkably efficient front-line support enhancing incoming customer service and client FAQ duties. Fully customizable, virtual digital agents are extremely versatile, respond in voice and text, and can be used in a variety of applications including public websites, customer call centers, internal HR sites, online classrooms, registration sites and more.

Simulation Technologies:

Innovative learning environments, such as Sentinel City Community Health Simulation, harness the latest online simulation technologies to create realistic digital working environments, interactive scenarios and education simulations. This technology increases new skill retention and performance through elevated engagement while learning. Implement simulation technology from Healthcare Learning Innovations to enhance your curricula and student experience.

Find out how Healthcare Learning Innovations can benefit your company or organization, today. Contact us for a product demo, or to get more information.