Sentinel U™ introduces 16 new virtual clinicals for nursing education and professional development


DENVER, CO | July 30 , 2020 | – Sentinel U ™, a provider of simulation-based education technology solutions for nursing schools, hospital systems and healthcare professionals, today announced the availability of 16 virtual clinicals including a Telehealth Series, Interprofessional Teams Series and Prioritization of Care Specialty Series.

Sentinel U is a division of American Sentinel University, a regionally, nationally and professionally accredited healthcare school with degree programs at the bachelor, masters (including nurse practitioners) and doctoral levels, as well as offering certification and badging programs in a number healthcare specialty areas.

Sentinel U’s virtual simulations and clinicals address several nursing and healthcare education concerns, including difficulty in securing clinical placement sites, patient safety, accessibility and cost.

“As a long-time, award winning leader in the digital and virtual transformation of nursing education and professional development training,” says Jeffrey Caplan, president of Sentinel U, “our simulations and virtual clinicals solve critical healthcare challenges in educating nurses. It is increasingly difficult to find traditional clinical learning opportunities for students, and the pandemic has intensified this need. Our virtual clinicals provide a safe, efficient and data-rich alternative at lower cost.”

“Simulations and interactive digital learning content offered by Sentinel U are already in use by nearly 180 nursing schools for degree programs and for professional development in healthcare facilities in the U.S. and Canada, delivering more than 90,000 individual virtual clinical learner experiences. The virtual clinicals are also generating significant interest in other countries with similar healthcare challenges.”

Each virtual clinical includes multiple realistic patients, and provides a faculty guide, feedback and rationales, a dashboard with evaluative report, and a learner dashboard.

An optional learner EMPOWER Debrief™ module is available for each virtual clinical in the series.

“These virtual clinical series, some available as early as next month and the rest in the Fall, allow faculty and training professionals to focus student attention on specific areas of interest such as using telehealth, building effective clinical teams and prioritization of care strategies in medical-surgical, pediatrics, mental health and other specialties,” says Caplan.

Sentinel U is also partnering with third-party vendors to augment its platform with additional learning opportunities in multiple formats,” according to Caplan.

Earlier this month Sentinel U changed its name from Healthcare Learning Innovations.