Prioritization of Care® Specialty Series Available in Med-Surg, Pediatrics, Mental Health and More


DENVER, CO | Nov. 4, 2020 | – Sentinel U™, a provider of virtual simulations and clinicals for nursing schools, hospital systems and healthcare professionals, today announced its new Prioritization of Care® Specialty Series is available for learners. The Prioritization of Care virtual clinicals teach pre- and post-licensure nursing students as well as nurses how to prioritize patient care and select appropriate interventions. This series includes 10 virtual clinicals focused on areas such as medical-surgical, mental health, pediatrics, geriatrics and postpartum/newborn nursing.

Within each virtual clinical, the learner will encounter 10 patients who are presenting unique symptoms. The learner must review vitals and patient history, utilize the SBAR format to chart observations, and determine the patient’s level of care with rationale. The learner will also leverage electronic medical records to prioritize interventions.

Our Prioritization of Care Specialty Series provides a no-risk, screen-based virtual environment for nurses and students to practice when it has become increasingly difficult to find traditional clinical learning opportunities,” said Jeffrey Caplan, president of Sentinel U. “These virtual clinicals also offer an engaging and effective way to earn simulated clinical hours and practice critical thinking skills in challenging specialty areas such as pediatrics and mental health.”

Prioritization of Care Specialty Series comes with an instructor guide, feedback and rationales, a dashboard with evaluative report. These virtual clinicals are available for individual license or included in subscription pricing. Subscription rate pricing includes unlimited access to all virtual clinicals.

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