Sentinel Health one-stop healthcare virtual simulation portal adds KbPort™ and Infusion Nurses Society simulation learning content


DENVER, CO | April 8, 2021 | – Sentinel U®, a provider of web-based simulation education technology solutions for nursing schools, hospital systems and healthcare professionals, today announced it has signed agreements with simulation content providers KbPort™ and Infusion Nurses Society to enhance its new Sentinel Health™ virtual health system platform. Sentinel Health is being designed as the first one-stop portal customized for healthcare virtual simulation learning content and will be available in 2021.

The Sentinel Health platform will be easy to navigate and search and will house virtual simulations from Sentinel U’s entire product portfolio (22 digital products and growing) as well as education content ranging from community health and electronic medical record simulations to infusion therapy.

“We are thrilled that we have entered into agreements with KbPort and Infusion Nurses Society to provide their amazing content through our new Sentinel Health platform,” said Jeffrey Caplan, President of Sentinel U. “We discovered a need for educators to easily find healthcare virtual simulations. There is a lot of great simulation content scattered around, but not in one centralized location. We hope that we can make nursing educators’ lives a little easier by providing access to a multitude of simulations across all healthcare topics.”

The first content to be added to the Sentinel Health platform will be the Fundamentals of Infusion Therapy (FIT) product, a comprehensive, virtual, and interactive training program based on the Infusion Nurses Society Standards of Practice. It is designed to form the educational foundation for all clinicians engaged in infusion therapy.

“We are excited that our FIT program will have a greater reach through Sentinel Health’s new portal,” said Mary Alexander, CEO of Infusion Nurses Society. “Our FIT program is a valuable tool for students and practitioners at all levels of the Infusion Nursing specialty. The more nurses we can reach with this training will serve to improve their clinical practice and promote optimal patient outcomes.”

Two KbPort products will be added to the Sentinel Health platform; SimEMR®, a simulated electronic medical record solution that enables students to learn how to electronically chart in today’s hospitals, and VirtualMeds Manager™, a web-based platform that allows for the simulation of medication administration activities. More will be added in the future.

“We believe KbPort products are a perfect addition to Sentinel Health,” said Chuck Miller, President and CEO of KbPort. “We are excited that even more nursing students and nurses will be able to access virtual simulations that enable them to practice and enhance their medication administration and EMR skills.”


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Since 1973, INS has continued its commitment to bringing innovative resources and learning opportunities to the wide range of health care professionals involved in the specialty practice of infusion therapy. INS is dedicated to advancing the delivery of quality infusion therapy to patients, enhancing the specialty through stringent standards of practice and professional ethics, and promoting research and education in the infusion nursing practice.


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