Pricing Options to Meet Your Unique Needs

Virtual Clinicals

$75/student single term*
  • Unlimited access to ALL Virtual Clinicals:

    • $99/student for one term
    • $189/student for one year
    • $279/student for two years

    *Introductory Rate

  • Who’s this for?

    College & university educators looking to implement virtual clinicals and simulations into their curricula.

Community Health

  • Sentinel City®


    Sentinel Town®


    Sentinel City® Canada

    $69 USD/student

    Sentinel City Canada Bundle

    $79 USD/student

  • Who’s this for?

    College & university educators looking for community health simulations to supplement their curriculum.

Independent Learners

$39/Virtual Clinical
  • Discount Packages Available

  • Who’s this for?

    Independent learners who are looking to brush up on skills or learn new skills during their own time and do not need SentinelU virtual clinicals as part of a school course.

Professional Development

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  • To meet the diverse needs of the workplace, we can customize a solution that works for you.
  • Who’s this for?

    Clinical educators and training managers at hospitals and healthcare organizations, who are looking for screen-based simulations for residency programs or nurse training.