Measuring the Impact of Virtual Simulation on Key Clinical Learning Outcomes

The Sentinel U® Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG) allowed six organizations to conduct research on how simulation products can improve learning outcomes for nursing learners. The 2021 SUNSRG grant recipients spanned a diverse range of schools, including ADN, BSN, and HBCU (historically black colleges or universities), as well as a Hospital Setting for professional development.

With the support of our in-kind grants, the following schools utilized Sentinel U’s virtual simulations for nursing education to perform their own distinctive research over the last year:

The selected organizations conducted in-depth research studies, asking different use-case questions, assessing both qualitative and quantitative data, and utilizing multiple instruments to measure specific outcomes.

Sentinel U’s Vice President of Healthcare Innovations, Laura Gonzalez, PhD, APRN, CNE, CHSE- A, ANEF, FAAN, personally mentored each participating organization in producing research that will contribute to medical science and education. Some of this research is currently under consideration for publication. View the video to hear an overview of the 2021-22 Sentinel U® Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG) findings from Dr. Gonzalez.

2021-22 Sentinel U® Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG) Findings Overview

Listen to Dr. Gonzalez provide a summary of the latest research findings from Sentinel U’s recent grant recipients who used our products to evaluate the learning outcomes in their courses.

Immersive Virtual Simulations that Facilitate Learning Anytime and Anywhere

Rearch Findings Overview Infographic

Take a Closer Look at the Sentinel U® Nursing Simulation Research Grant Findings 2021-22

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Over 50% of participants either agreed or strongly agreed they were confident that the simulation covered the critical content necessary for mastery and helped to develop the necessary skills to perform tasks in a clinical setting.

Prairie View A&M University self-report finding

“The [virtual reality] simulation environment allowed me to learn and apply my clinical judgment skills without feeling pressured to get it perfectly while being watched by my peers and instructors.”

St. Joseph Hospital College of Nursing focus group participant

Sentinel U® Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG)

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