I am thrilled to share the exciting news that Sentinel U® was named 2022 EdTech Company of the Year at the Global Business Tech Awards ceremony, which was held virtually on May 5, 2022. This distinguished title further solidifies our position as a market leader in the healthcare education technology sector.

Sentinel U faced some fierce competition at the Global Business Tech Awards, but we ultimately wowed the judges with our ability to step up and fill the void created when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down traditional nursing clinical programs. The judges were also impressed with what we are doing in terms of diversity and inclusivity, for which I am extremely proud.

Although certainly humbled by this honor, we feel it stands as a testament to the groundbreaking work our Sentinel U team is doing to advance the use of simulation technology as the preferred teaching tool for nursing education. Passion and purpose fuel our every step from concept to completion and design to delivery, and I attribute this accomplishment directly to the incredible team we have assembled:

  • Our nurse educators and instructional designers call upon their vast experience and expertise – in the field and in the classroom – to ensure that Sentinel U products properly prepare nurse learners for any situation they may encounter In the clinical setting or community setting, as well as any question that might be asked on the licensure examinations. In fact, our subject matter experts have painstakingly reviewed all of our product lines to ensure they properly align with the new AACN Essentials.
  • Additionally, we have tapped a network of experts in nursing, academia, and research and development to serve as the Sentinel U Thought Leadership Advisory Council. These inspiring individuals are as committed as we are to innovation and advancing simulation technology in nursing. Their input and expertise guide us as we continue to develop industry-leading and effective virtual nursing simulation programs.
  • We are also privileged to have on board the brightest and most talented software developers in the field who share our commitment to pushing the boundaries to create new healthcare learning innovations. Our programmers and storytellers flawlessly bring Sentinel U’s robust scenarios to life. It is their dedication to perfecting even the smallest details that allow nurse learners to immerse themselves in our virtual worlds.

The lifelike scenarios they have collectively created in products such as our Sentinel City® v.5 help learners develop advanced observation techniques, cultivate critical thinking skills and practice professional patient care from the safety and security of a PC.

With a foundation firmly rooted in nursing education best practices, Sentinel U is committed to providing nurse educators and their students with the best experience possible. It’s what truly puts us in a league of our own. Being recognized as best in class and named EdTech Company of the Year not only validates the tireless work of our entire company, but it also further establishes virtual simulation as the preferred method of healthcare education.

As we look to the future, there is so much more to accomplish – from new products to enhanced features, Sentinel U will continue to push the boundaries of simulation and find ways to apply our products in unprecedented ways. All the while, we will be creating the unique experiences and offering the unparalleled customer service that have earned us the title of EdTech Company of the Year.