Solutions for Population/Community Health

Grab the keys to the city (or town!) and observe, interview and build care plans

Community Health Nursing Simulation Scenarios

Critical thinking skills are key to becoming an effective practitioner of Population Health. Our Population and Community Health solutions provide simulations for learning and testing those critical thinking skills in diverse and true-to-the-world virtual scenarios. In fact, Sentinel U™ was born from challenges Population Health nursing students were facing with accessibility and safety.

Our combination of scenarios provides a simulated neighborhood in a crowded city, a town in a remote area of the US and a single parent home where students will practice interview skills, identify potential environmental, health and safety hazards, and build a care plan that they can support and rationalize. This provides students the opportunity to practice psychosocial assessment and charting techniques before venturing into potentially risky environments. Our Population and Community Health solution provide hours of diverse experiences for learning or testing Population and Community Health skillsets. These virtual clinicals also come with rubrics, faculty dashboards, and multiple learning activities that seamlessly integrate into your program.

Whether you’re looking to provide a meaningful clinical experience, teach more effectively, sharpen your skills on your own time, or provide your staff with an interactive way to build confidence, we have “virtually” endless possibilities.

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