Virtual Nursing Clinicals For Geriatric Care

Focus on Symptoms and Prioritize Care for a Specific, Complex Population

This collection of virtual simulations focused on Geriatric Care enhance your curriculum and provide a unique approach for participants to learn and test their ability to manage an aging group of patients. Our team of nurse educators have developed various virtual simulations that focus on resource prioritization and offer multiple modalities, including Telehealth, where critical thinking and nursing care scenarios can be practiced repeatedly to support geriatric care. As learners work through a variety of settings and scenarios, the patient assessments become progressively more difficult. The unique patients have symptoms ranging from early-stage heart failure and respiratory distress to orthopedic pain and depression. Within Prioritization of Care®, learners will record vital signs, interview patients and chart the observations and rationale in SBAR format.

Prioritization of Care®

Our virtual scenarios, Prioritization of Care Geriatrics Specialty and Prioritization of Care Clinic, focus on helping nurses learn the skills necessary to work with and care for the complex geriatric population. These unique patients often have a range of symptoms, from orthopedic pain to heart failure, from depression to respiratory diseases. Prioritization of Care scenarios allow learners to apply their knowledge and use intervention selection and prioritization skills to work with aging/elderly patients.

Prioritization of Care® Mental/Behavioral Health – Chronic Care

Part of the Prioritization of Care® Specialty Series, this virtual clinical presents the learner with a variety of geriatric mental health patients with chronic conditions. The patients present mental health concerns or medical concerns but are not at risk of harming themselves or others, and learners will create plans for each patient’s overall well-being. This virtual clinical fosters critical thinking and builds confidence for students and practicing nurses in a clinical setting.

Telehealth Mental/Behavioral Health

Our Mental / Behavioral Health virtual clinical within the Telehealth Series allows learners to complete three case studies, each with one patient. The patients range from a 27-yearold female with bipolar I disorder with a manic episode to a 76-year-old suffering from insomnia and depression. Learners will practice necessary clinical judgment and communication skills to assess, monitor, and evaluate the care of these patients remotely. Within this virtual clinical, learners will interpret alerts to provide long-distance clinical care and professional health education using electronic data and telecommunications technology.

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