Build Confidence to Offer Exceptional Care at Every Stage of Maternal Health

Build confidence to offer exceptional care at every stage of maternal health

Within our Maternal Health and OB virtual clinical scenarios, we focus largely on the prioritization of care for both Antepartum/Intrapartum and Postpartum/Neonatal care. In these virtual clinicals, learners are given the opportunity to work through dozens of scenarios wherein they must make care prioritization decisions based upon a multitude of factors. Due to popular demand, we also explore the role of telehealth in Maternal Health.

Prioritization of Care

Maternal and OB health is a specialized area of nursing that requires nurses to confidently make intervention selection and prioritization of care decisions with both the mother and baby in mind. In our Prioritization of Care Clinic, Postpartum/Newborn Specialty and Antepartum/Intrapartum virtual scenarios, learners must make prioritization decisions based on a multitude of factors.


Telehealth: Maternal/OB allows learners to complete three case studies with patients ranging from the 26-year-old patient with a healthy pregnancy to the 32-year-old patient who just delivered via cesarean section. Learners will use clinical judgment and communication skills to care for these patients remotely using to electronic data and telecommunications technology.

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