Mental & Behavioral Health Simulation Scenarios

Identify Symptoms and Determine Treatment to Put Patients on the Path to Well-Being

Our Mental and Behavioral Health virtual clinicals provide direction on prioritization of care with modules for both acute and chronic Mental/Behavioral Health care. Our unique collection of virtual nursing simulations capture multiple scenarios where learners can help prevent mental illness, intervene in situations such as substance abuse and create plans for each patient’s overall well-being.

The authentic scenarios within these products provide learners with the opportunity to work through dozens of situations wherein they must make care decisions based upon a wide range of factors. In this solution, we also explore the role of Telehealth Nursing Series in Mental and Behavioral Health. With multiple methods of learning and interaction, these simulations immerse your learners in multiple critical thinking scenarios that mirror what’s happening in healthcare today.

Family Support and Home Assessments

Our Family Support and Home Assessment virtual clinical allows nurses and nursing students to immerse themselves in a home environment and practice psychosocial assessment and charting techniques. Learners visit the home of a single mother and use observations to build a care plan to put all parties on a path to better physical and mental health.

Telehealth Nursing Series

The recent growth of telehealth in the mental health space has made it more important than ever for students and nurses to get proper training on how to use clinical judgment and communication skills to assess, monitor, and evaluate the care of these patients remotely. The Telehealth Nursing Series™ – Mental/Behavioral Health virtual clinical has learners complete three case studies with different patients suffering from varying mental/behavioral health issues.

Prioritization of Care®

Nurses who work in mental and behavioral health must learn how to prevent mental illness, when to intervene in dangerous situations and what goes into a care plan. Our Prioritization of Care® virtual scenarios provide direction on prioritization of care and intervention selection with tools for the Hospital, Mental Health Chronic and Mental Health Acute settings.

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