Virtual Clinicals: Ideal for the Nursing Capstone

A Variety of Skills for Success in Multiple Environments

These virtual clinicals provide a perfect mix of insight on leadership, communication and patient management. Across the various tools supporting these topics, participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in both clinic and home environments where they will practice interview skills, identify potential environmental, health and safety hazards, and build a care plan that they can support and rationalize. This provides them the opportunity to practice psychosocial assessment and charting techniques before venturing into potentially risky environments. The situation that the learner will encounter allows them to draw on their knowledge of OB, pediatrics, underserved populations and more.

Sentinel City and Sentinel Town

Educators teaching capstone courses that integrate concepts of leadership, communication and patient management will find Sentinel City and Sentinel Town virtual simulations to be valuable and engaging. Sentinel City is Sentinel U’s flagship innovation and teaches community and population health, while Sentinel Town allows the learner to master assessment and intervention planning that will impact their communities.

Nursing Quality Indicators

In the nursing capstone setting, students must immerse themselves in environments that allow them to draw on their vast knowledge and apply various skills. Nursing Quality Indicators is a virtual clinical in which students evaluate 10 patients and practice using clinical judgment and making care decisions.

Patient Management and Delegation

The nursing capstone has students draw upon and apply their knowledge in tasks such as patient assessment, care planning, charting and more. Patient Management and Delegation has learners step into the charge nurse role and practice their clinical judgment and decision-making skills related to setting acuities, scheduling, delegating and prioritizing patient care for 56 patients.

Prioritization of Care

In a nursing program, the capstone is often what brings everything together. Students integrate concepts learned in the classroom and the clinic/home environment and evaluate how they will apply them in a real-world setting. The Prioritization of Care Hospital, Clinic and Specialty Series nursing scenarios help students build decision-making confidence by practicing clinical judgement skills and working through progressively more difficult intervention selection and prioritization assignments.


The nursing capstone is where students must blend all they have learned and bring everything together before they enter nursing practice. The Telehealth series helps prepare nurses with hands-on experience in how to use clinical judgment and communication skills to care for medical-surgical, maternal/OB, pediatric and mental/behavioral health patients remotely using electronic data and telecommunications technology.

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