Pediatric Care Simulations For Nursing Students

Virtual Clinicals Offer Big Benefits For Those Caring For The Smallest Patients

Within our selection of pediatric focused virtual scenarios, learners will practice clinical judgment and decision-making skills that relate to identifying and prioritizing both acute and chronic pediatric care. Our unique collection of nursing simulations provide a high volume and vast variety of patients for robust learning opportunities, enhancing you curriculum with authentic content and multiple modalities. Not only do these true-to-life scenarios allow learners to practice vital decision making in a no-risk environment, but they also provide immediate remediation, badges for achievement and a report that conveys total correct responses.

Telehealth – Pediatrics

Our Pediatrics virtual clinical within the Telehealth Series allows learners to complete three case studies, each with a different patient. The patients range from a 4-year-old with bacterial pneumonia to an 11-year-old with a rapid heartbeat, headache, ADHD and allergic rhinitis. Learners will practice necessary clinical judgment and communication skills to assess, monitor, and evaluate the care of these young patients remotely. Within this virtual clinical, learners will interpret alerts to provide long-distance clinical care and professional health education using electronic data and telecommunications technology.

Prioritization of Care®

Pediatrics is a specialized area of nursing that requires nurses to understand the needs of the smallest, youngest patients in the healthcare setting. Our pediatric-focused Prioritization of Care virtual scenarios allow learners to practice clinical judgment and decision-making skills that relate to identifying, intervening in and prioritizing both acute and chronic pediatric care.

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