Your Learners’ Needs are Specific.

So are Our Learning Resources.

Virtual Clinical Solutions

Our portfolio contains digital learning resources that map to specific subjects so that every learner’s time is dedicated to practicing skills, building confidence, and meeting objectives in your desired area. Whether you need a safe environment for learners to practice med-surg patient care or you want to enhance the curriculum in your Population Health Nursing course, you’ve landed in the right place. Our virtual clinicals and simulations have been built by nurse educators for nurse educators.

We deeply understand the challenges securing clinical placement in high demand specialty areas, the concern for patient safety, and the cost associated with simulation labs and learning modules. We are confident that each one of our products provide valuable, relevant information and the opportunity for focused virtual clinical hours and practice.

We address nursing and healthcare education pressures:

  • Difficulty in securing clinical placement sites: The supply of clinical sites available for nursing programs cannot keep up with the demand driven by the ongoing nursing and educator shortage.
  • Concerns for patient safety: As increased competition for clinical placement sites rise, there is a concern for patient safety and reducing the number of nursing students allowed on a patient unit at one time.
  • Accessibility: The accelerating closure of rural hospitals creates geographic boundaries which can be alleviated in part through virtual simulations.
  • Cost: The costs associated with establishing and maintaining medium and high-fidelity simulation labs can be prohibitive.
  • Effectiveness: Numerous research papers have demonstrated that simulations are just as effective as traditional clinical experiences in pre-licensure nursing education

You know your areas of need. Let us prescribe solutions: