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Learn Telehealth In A Realistic Virtual Simulation

Helping You Stay at the Forefront of Telemedicine

The role of telecommunication in healthcare delivery only continues to grow. Telehealth is a series of technological advancements that continue to extend the reach of healthcare beyond hospital walls, while also helping to bring down costs for healthcare facilities. Our authentic Telehealth™ simulations help nursing learners stay at the forefront of telemedicine via a series of innovative case studies and offers multiple modalities where critical thinking and nursing care scenarios can be practiced repeatedly.


Telecommunication is becoming an increasingly important area for nurses advancing their knowledge and nursing students alike. This unique Telehealth series allows students to practice clinical judgment and communication skills to assess, monitor, educate and evaluate the care of patients remotely—in the medical-surgical, pediatrics, maternal/OB, mental/behavioral health, and home setting.

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