The fundamental tenets of nursing have remained the same for decades, but the world nurses live and work in is undergoing profound change. Preparing them for that increasingly complex and technology-driven world requires giving them every tool needed to learn and improve on the quality of healthcare they provide.

We created Sentinel Health, the world’s first virtual health system to addresses that challenge head-on. Sentinel Health provides learners quick comprehensive access to digital learning tools and assignments. Our portfolio of interactive, web-based learning solutions instills essential nursing competencies. The platform of simulation-based learning solutions helps students transition from academia and supervised care situations to the dynamic, demanding environments they experience in hospitals and clinics. Sentinel Health also offers cost-effective, self-paced, meaningful learning experiences practicing nurses can use to advance their career, or prepare for leadership roles, on their terms and schedules.

Professional Learning Environment Specifically for Students, Nurse Educators & Clinical Nurse Educators

Digital platforms offer a learning environment that can engage multiple audiences and apply to multiple disciplines. You probably know that virtual simulations can increase retention and tap our innate desire for immediate feedback and reward. That’s why we leverage gamification principles such as awarding achievement badges for excellence, “practice” and “standard” testing modes, and scaffolded learning where the level of difficulty increases as learners work their way through assignments.

Nursing students

opens a portal into a virtual health system with 3D simulations called Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town®, and clinical scenarios such as Prioritization of Care®, Patient Management and Delegation®, and Nursing Quality Indicators.

The “front door” to those scenarios is Sentinel Hospital™. Once you’ve entered Sentinel Hospital’s lobby, you will find a directory enabling you to navigate to typical hospital departments – Critical Care, Emergency Room, Medical/Surgical, Administrative Services, etc. – and access specialty-relevant Healthcare Learning Innovations virtual learning scenarios.

Nurse educators

Sentinel Health helps educators and administrators overcome the challenge of finding meaningful clinical placements while also reducing risk to patients and students. It empowers them to be better educators by providing insights via dashboard metrics into a student’s participation, strengths and weaknesses. Assignments, a Faculty Guide and auto-grading features enable efficiency for educators, too.

The Sentinel Health virtual system is cloud-hosted, so colleges and universities can control costs for nursing education and operation while reaching more students with distance learning. Just another example of how digital transformation is cutting costs various use cases!

Clinical nurse educators

Closing the “academic to practice gap” is essential to making sure new nurses can safely care for patients, meet outcome goals, and recognize how their decisions affect hospital operational quality and costs. Virtual learning can help bridge that gap and decrease new nurse turnover in a new nurse residency program. Our clinical scenarios and simulations content follow ACEN, CCNE, and QSEN guidelines as well as NCLEX testing requirements.

Adaptable to Future Requirements

We already have plans to expand Sentinel Health with other virtual entities such as Sentinel Clinic™, Sentinel Hospice™ and Sentinel Women™, and to integrate next-gen technology resources.

Our product roadmap is ambitious. It’s also realistic. The platform we’ve established offers the technical flexibility to not only dream big but adapt as healthcare further transforms. The successes we’ve had to date give us confidence in our vision for the future – creating a fully immersive digital learning ecosystem.

We often talk about outcomes in healthcare. For us, outcomes represent yet another meaning – having Sentinel Health prove effective and valuable for cultivating competencies nurses rely on every day and the confidence required for leadership.