Virtual Clinicals: Learn Where, When and How You Want

Immerse yourself.

Sentinel U’s virtual clinicals provide students and practicing healthcare professionals the opportunity to immerse themselves into various simulations or scenarios. Whether you are looking for resources to enhance your community health course, professional development options for staff members at your facility, or engaging ways to meet countless other objectives, you have found a portfolio full of options with our virtual clinicals.

Faculty with years of healthcare and nursing experience have designed the content of our clinicals to ensure that they simulate real-world experiences and offer need-to-know information for students preparing to become a part of the healthcare workforce or for current employees looking to gain skills and confidence. 

Sentinel U’s Digital Learning Resources offer “virtually” endless benefits:

  • Virtual clinicals give learners the required clinical hours they need at a time when clinical placements are increasingly difficult to secure.
  • Healthcare Faculty have designed our virtual clinicals to map to AACN BSN, MSN and DNP Essentials, QSEN competencies, and the NCLEX-RN® test plan. 
  • Our products build motivation and confidence as the learner progresses with badges and instant feedback.
  • Research shows that virtual clinicals are proven to increase knowledge retention and significantly enhance the effectiveness of traditional learning methods.
  • Online learning may be new to some, but Sentinel U has been offering virtual clinicals for years. We have been recognized with awards, but more importantly, we have feedback from happy clients, as testimony to experience and desire to meet your needs. 

“As an educator with 35 years’ experience in nursing education, virtual simulations provide students with the opportunity to apply concepts in a safe environment. Students can learn and practice in the virtual environment to gain confidence in decision making in the rapidly changing practice of healthcare. Sentinel Health provides engaging simulations in a safe, virtual environment that enhances application of concepts, which can then be applied to real world situations.”

Dr. Elaine Foster, Dean of Nursing and Healthcare Programs at American Sentinel University