New Virtual Learning Products Launching

Summer, Fall of 2020 and Beyond

Exciting news! Our digital learning portfolio is growing!

While we continue serving nurse educators with virtual clinicals for healthcare students, we are also developing virtual training products to meet broader needs in the healthcare industry. Our new virtual clinicals will address both healthcare education AND training challenges for clinical coordinators, healthcare employees, human resource managers, practicing nurses, and more.

What’s coming next?

Our team listened to your needs, and we are creating these innovative, relevant and timely content series:

Telehealth Case Study Series – Advanced (for Nurse Practitioners)
Expected Launch: Early 2021

Nurse Practitioners will be able to complete virtual clinical simulations on patients in various specializations: Pediatrics, Mental Health, Maternal Nursing and Med-Surg.

Nurse Practitioners using these digital resources will have advanced exposure to this technology as a way of delivering healthcare.

Telehealth is a growing trend in the healthcare industry and learners will identify appropriate processes for using telehealth for interventions and follow-up.

There will be multiple virtual clinicals within each series with patients and case studies in specialty areas including:

  • Medical – Surgical
  • Mental / Behavioral Health
  • Maternal Health and Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • And More!