Virtual Clinical Simulations

Sentinel U started with two simulations: Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town®. These flagship products have been incorporated into countless Public Health Nursing or Community Health courses and have given learners keys to the city (or town) so they can explore, engage, and execute on objectives in a risk-free environment.  As one client said, “These resources really represent what we talk about in class, even better than the placements we have been able to provide.”

Virtual clinicals may be the wave of the future, but these innovative, fully immersive simulations have been around for years. Our experience is your gain. These virtual communities come with more than 50 complete assignments and grading rubrics, diverse characters and elements of disaster preparedness and infection prevention control.

Sentinel City and Sentinel Town include a Faculty Resource Portal that includes a faculty guide, assignment catalog and a dashboard guide, while the Student Resource Portal includes a quick start guide, video, and diagnosis and assessment forms.

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Interested in both? We offer significant discounts when these products are paired.

“We loved Sentinel City the minute we saw it. The ability for the clinical faculty to customize assignments, the number of patients represented, and the fact that there is a virtual community setting convinced us to take the next step.”

Stevi Gire, Clinical Instructor at the University of Utah College of Nursing