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Sentinel Town®

Prepare, Assess and Respond to Health Needs


When learners immerse themselves in Sentinel Town®, they will master assessment and intervention planning that will impact their communities. The healthcare challenges faced by the underserved, aging, and sometimes poor community members in this virtual town highlight distinct differences faced by population health nurses working in cities. Sentinel Town allows faculty members to choose from a variety of assignments to drive desired learning outcomes; this is a teaching tool designed for both pre-licensure (ADN and BSN) and post-licensure (RN-BSN) programs and offers many learners the chance to study Community or Population Health Nursing in an environment that they would typically not be able to access. It’s not uncommon for learners to gain 30 or more hours of work in this simulation filled with diverse citizens and key informants.

Each trip into Sentinel Town is a unique adventure. Faculty can choose from a variety of assignments to drive desired learning outcomes. Students have the opportunity to practice dealing with a health environment, without leaving home. Like all our products, Sentinel Town gives nurse educators a supplemental teaching tool for nursing education texts at pre-licensure (ADN and BSN), and post-licensure (RN-BSN) programs.

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Product Highlights for: Sentinel Town®

This simulation was launched in August 2017

Learners can earn 5-30+ simulated clinical hours

Sentinel Town aligns with QSEN Quality and Safety Competencies, AACN BSN Essentials, NLN Core Competencies, and Quad Council Core Competencies

Why you’ll love it:

  • Assignment Catalog includes 24 easily implemented assignments with grading rubrics
  • Faculty dashboard provides insight into student capabilities and progress
  • Faculty Resource Portal includes faculty guide, assignment catalog, FAQs and dashboard guide
  • Student Resource Portal includes quick start guide, FAQs, video, diagnosis and assessment forms

Dive inside the product:

  • 5 community citizens, exposing students to diverse health issues
  • 7 key informants providing community subsystem information
  • 10 locations with unique data and demographics
  • “Camera” and notes wizard for recording observations; name and date-stamp verify student integrity

Sentinel Town® can be used for a variety of assignments throughout a term, course or entire program. 

Assignments available for Sentinel Town®

  • Emergency Preparedness: Flooding in a Rural Community
  • NEW pandemic assignments
  • Basic Windshield Survey
  • Community and Health Subsystem Assignments
    • Physical Environment
    • Communication
    • Economics
    • Education
    • Health & Social Services
    • Politics and Government
    • Recreation
    • Safety & Transportation
  • Population-Focused Interventions
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Malnutrition among the Older-Elderly
  • Professional Roles and Organizations
  • Health Policy Recommendations
  • Global Community Health Issues
  • Compare & Contrast: City vs Town

Meet a Sample of the Citizens: