Interprofessional Teams™

Develop Healthcare Leadership Skills with Interprofessional Teams®

Sharpen Communication and Collaboration Skills

Our Interprofessional Teams® virtual clinical series is designed specifically for healthcare leaders, practicing nurses, and nursing students who are sharpening their communication and collaboration skills. In the first module, the learner meets Jenny, a 9-year-old who is struggling in the fourth grade; in subsequent modules, the learner will watch Jenny’s case study unfold and will address her physical and psychosocial issues over multiple decades in her life. The learner will act as the lead nurse who assesses Jenny and conducts a patient inquiry session, honing therapeutic communication techniques. After identifying the patient’s needs, the learner will select five interprofessional team members, based on their scope of practice, to further manage and evaluate the patient. Next, the learner will observe the group collaboration process, recognize challenges and barriers within the team, and then guide the conversation by making decisions that result in positive impacts on the team and, ultimately, patient-centered care.

Up to 5 Total Clinical Hours

  • This product allows the learner, acting as the nurse, to interact with 14 other healthcare professionals as virtual characters including a physician, school nurse, optometrist, pharmacist, therapists and a registered dietician.

  • As the learner makes decisions about communication skills and decisions to facilitate team collaborative processes, he or she receives immediate feedback with rationales for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Each of the five modules begins with a pre-brief that allows the learner to demonstrate mastery of material related to values and ethics for interprofessional practice, roles and responsibilities of collaborating professionals, and addresses the competencies listed above.
  • After the learner reviews patient data, he or she will be offered choices on how to conduct an inquiry that elicits the required information and promotes patient discussion.
  • The learner chooses the best five-person team to care for the patient, then evaluates and analyzes each one of the clinical professional’s behaviors and responses in a group setting.
  • Each module progresses in the same manner, but this virtual clinical is also an unfolding case study. The central patient, Jenny, evolves from a 9-year-old who is presenting symptoms of ADHD to a postpartum mother in the last level.

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