Prioritization of Care® Antepartum / Intrapartum Care

Prioritization of Care® Antepartum / Intrapartum Care

Antepartum / Intrapartum Care Virtual Clinical

Part of the Prioritization of Care® Specialty Series, this virtual clinical presents the learner with a variety of Antepartum / Intrapartum patients. Patients who are experiencing an illness or injury that is life-threatening to themselves or their fetus should receive inpatient care in an OB unit. These patients require further testing, immediate intervention, and close monitoring. Patients who are not experiencing an illness or injury that is life threatening but require follow-up within the next day or two should receive outpatient care in the women’s health clinic. The learner must use clinical judgment skills to decide if their care should be managed in the OB unit or women’s health clinic. Then the learners prioritize the order in which the five patients should receive care and implement individualized nursing interventions. This virtual clinical fosters critical thinking and builds confidence for students and practicing nurses in a clinical setting.

This clinical comes with inpatient or outpatient setting options and includes a variety of patient conditions such as ectopic pregnancy, gestational diabetes, hypothyroidism, placenta previa and preterm labor.

Up to 8 Total Clinical Hours

Product Highlights

  • Applies to pre and post-licensure nursing courses and clinical training programs

  • Realistic scenarios of complex clients requiring prioritization of appropriate interventions

  • Remediation provided immediately for each decision

  • Access to Dashboard metrics and activity reports

  • Detailed faculty and training guides complete with Quick Start Guide, Troubleshooting, Teaching Suggestions, FAQs, and content for each level
  • 10 patients in this specialty area

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