ALIGN® Digital Teaching Resources for Prioritization of Care® Specialty Series

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Active Learning Resources Create Confident, Practice-Ready Nurses

Included with the Prioritization of Care® Specialty Series virtual simulations, ALIGN® digital resources engage learners to become more engrossed in their educational practice with pre- and post-simulation activities that enhance retention and reinforce application of the acquired skills. Explore new ways of teaching and learning with expanded patient encounters, standardized clinical judgment, decision-making practice, and customization to achieve objectives.

Prepare your learners for the best practice in nursing prioritization featuring the most current, up-to-date sources and evidence-based activities and scenarios, with the flexibility to incorporate contemporary trends. Learners apply their knowledge as they analyze and reflect on complex situations and ideas, preparing them for NCLEX success.

Up to 473 Hours of Activities Covering a Range of Specialties, Including:

  • Adult Medical and Surgical Care
  • Advanced Medical/Surgical Care
  • Geriatrics
  • Mental/Behavioral Health Acute and Chronic Care
  • Antepartum/Intrapartum Care
  • Postpartum/Neonatal Care
  • Pediatrics Acute and Chronic Care

Digital Resource Repository

Easily access all features of the ALIGN assignment catalog online, including adaptable curriculum interaction plans. Educators can seamlessly thread these digital resources into a new or existing curriculum while mapping to standards of practice and specialty areas, such as:

  • Traditional ADN course
  • Concept-based module
  • 8-hour lab experience
  • 8-hour clinical replacement
A laptop displaying the ALIGN course catalog on screen.

The searchable resource hub helps educators integrate activities into curricula with charts outlining the number of hours per activity, total hours per Prioritization of Care module, and example learning experiences.

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Extend Interactions with Prioritization of Care Training

Working alongside Prioritization of Care® Specialty Series virtual simulations, ALIGN active learning resources include pre- and post-simulation activities threaded across didactic, lab, clinical, or asynchronous settings. These activities are ideal solutions for remediation, clinical replacement, and individual or group learning. And, the searchable e-catalog makes it easy for educators and learners to browse assignments quickly and easily.

Pre-Simulation Activities:

  • General Nursing Concept Map
  • Pathophysiology Concept Map
  • Medication Concept Map
  • General Knowledge Questions
  • Pathophysiology Compare and Contrast Activity
  • Pathophysiology GIF
  • Developmental Stages Communication Activity

Post-Simulation Activities:

  • Ethical Dilemma
  • Medication Reconciliation Activity
  • Incident Report Activity
  • ISBAR Reporting
  • What If Scenarios
  • EMPOWER® Debrief for Clinical Judgment
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Discharge Planning
ALIGN for Prioritization of Care

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