Telehealth Nursing Series™ Mental / Behavioral Health

Mental / Behavioral Health Virtual Clinical Overview

Our Mental / Behavioral Health virtual clinical within the Telehealth Nursing Series allows learners to complete three case studies, each with one patient. The patients range from a 27-yearold female with bipolar I disorder with a manic episode to a 76-year-old suffering from insomnia and depression. Learners will practice necessary clinical judgment and communication skills to assess, monitor, and evaluate the care of these patients remotely. Within this virtual clinical, learners will interpret alerts to provide long-distance clinical care and professional health education using electronic data and telecommunications technology.

Up to 5 Total Clinical Hours

Product Highlights

  • The in-depth dialogue, immersive telehealth visits and remote patient monitoring make this product stand out
  • Added bonuses: Faculty guide and immediate feedback with rationales for correct and incorrect answers
  • Each of the three cases begins with a prebrief that addresses the competencies related to telehealth, such as nursing scope of practice and professional licensure requirements
  • As the learner reviews patient data, he or she will have 10 devices to choose from to assess and monitor each patient
  • The learner will practice the steps of implementing and conducting a virtual visit
  • Each scenario ends with final feedback that emphasizes how the nurse was able to provide optimal care for the patient with specific telehealth services
  • Three case studies (different patients) are included in this product

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