Telehealth Case Study Series

Practice Telemedicine with Our Telehealth Nursing Series™ Virtual Simulations

Stay Ahead of the Curve in a Skyrocketing Healthcare Market

In these realistic virtual clinicals, the learner, in a hospital setting, conducts a virtual office visit with the remote patient, reviewing data and selecting telehealth tools to monitor specific parameters. In-depth dialog, and immediate feedback with rationales for correct and incorrect answers, immerses the learner in the telehealth visit.

Each virtual clinical includes a faculty guide, feedback and rationales, a dashboard with evaluative report, and a learner dashboard.

Up to 5 Clinical Hours

Keep Learners at the Forefront of Telehealth

Telehealth Nursing Series™ provides long-distance clinical care and professional health education using electronic data and telecommunications technology (Health Resources and Services Administration) including videoconferencing (synchronous and asynchronous), remote patient monitoring, and mobile health (mHealth) to improve access to care, support quality patient-centered outcomes, and enhance efficiency in the healthcare system.

By identifying the assessment skills required to use home-based telehealth devices, learners interpret alerts, developing the necessary clinical judgment and communication skills to assess, monitor, and evaluate the care of patients remotely.

Four different clinical settings, each with three separate patients, begin with a prebrief, addressing telehealth related competencies such as nursing scope of practice and professional licensure requirements.

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