Exploring the Future of Virtual Reality For Healthcare Education

Will Virtual Reality add real value to the learning experience?

The landscape in health care education is constantly changing, and many factors such as budget constraints and learner demographics will play a crucial role in the adoption of virtual reality across the industry. Our Family Support and Home Assessments® VR program is the result of Sentinel U® thought leaders continuously monitoring VR research and trends to identify best practices, delivering the highest-quality experiences for our customers and learners. As we continue to study virtual reality and its place in healthcare and nursing education, we are constantly reminded that it is not the technology, but the experience, that matters. 

We’re Looking For Insight From You

Does virtual reality add value to the experience? Will it facilitate greater knowledge gains? Explore the Sentinel U® Family Support and Home Assessments® VR program in the video on this page, and complete our short survey to provide your feedback!


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