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From Idea to Inquiry: Launching Your Research Journey

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

This webinar emphasizes the crucial elements for a successful research journey, catering to academic, professional, and personal pursuits.

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Unlocking Advanced Practice Series® Insights

Tuesday, September 24, 2024

Gain valuable insights for nurse professionals aiming to elevate their careers and expertise with the Advance Practice Series virtual simulations.

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Uncharted Territories: Simulation Adventures Beyond the Lab

Tuesday, October 1, 2024

Explore innovative applications of creative and unconventional uses of simulation, pushing the boundaries of experiential learning.

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Data in Action: Enhancing Instruction through Simulation

Tuesday, November 19, 2024

Leverage data-driven insights can elevate instructional strategies to optimize learning outcomes, foster continuous improvement, and enhance the overall impact of simulation-based instruction.

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EMPOWER® Debrief Use Case

Explore the impactful role of debriefing in virtual environments, emphasizing immediate reflection following asynchronous experiences.

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Curriculum/Content Mapping

Explore innovative ways to seamlessly weave simulation into your nurse education curriculum to enhance learner engagement and outcomes.

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Nursing Education in the Era of ChatGPT

Gain insights into effective strategies for incorporating AI into nursing education and tailor learning experiences.

CE credit is no longer available for this webinar.

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Engage & Evaluate: POC Align / Performance Tracker

Enhance educational outcomes through the use of pre- and post-simulation activities and learner performance tracking with comprehensive insights.

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How to Implement INACSL’s Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice Into Your Program

Presented by Dr. Laura Gonzalez, Vice President, Healthcare Innovation here at Sentinel U, this webinar will review the updated INACSL Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice and share ways to implement them in your clinical simulation program.

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Sentinel U® Nursing Simulation Research Grant  (III) Overview

The Sentinel U Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG) is your opportunity to research how virtual simulations can improve learning outcomes for nursing programs, nurse practitioners, physician assistant/associate, and medical student learners.


Mapping Virtual Clinical Experiences to Effective Program Outcomes

As you prepare for fall, see how Sentinel U provides your students with opportunities to evaluate their progress with instant feedback as well as a summary report.

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How Virtual Simulations Can Be Used to Teach Mental and Behavioral Health

Join Dr. Laura Gonzalez and Brayla Roberts as they discuss how virtual simulation can better prepare nursing students to address the growing incidence of mental illness in this country.

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Introducing Sentinel City v.5

Introducing the newest version of Sentinel City from Sentinel U. Sentinel City v.5 is the latest in community health simulation, including new features, content enhancements and real-world datasets.

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Dr. Laura Gonzalez leads a webinar to answer questions about the Sentinel U Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG) for our new Advanced Practice Series® product line.


Sentinel U® Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG) | Q&A Part 1

Dr. Laura Gonzalez hosts the first SUNSRG Q&A to discuss detailed information on the Sentinel U Nursing Simulation Research Grant, an in-kind grant of Sentinel U virtual nursing simulations aimed at expanding research in virtual nursing simulation education.


Sentinel U® Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG) | Q&A Part 2

Dr. Laura Gonzalez hosts the second SUNSRG Q&A and answers questions on the Sentinel U Nursing Simulation Research Grant, including who would benefit from the Nursing Simulation Grant, and proposal requirements.


Nursing Simulation: Don’t Let The Pandemic Pause Practice

In this webinar, Dr. Laura Gonzalez and a panel of nursing education experts discuss the challenges and opportunities for remote nursing simulation education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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