Help Your Nurses Grow With EMPOWER® Debrief Model

A Framework for Debriefing in a Virtual Environment

Debriefing is a best practice designed for participants to immediately reflect on experiential learning experiences to maximize transference and reframe misconceptions to improve future practice.

Sentinel U® has created EMPOWER® Debrief Model as a self-led, asynchronous standardized debrief experience that guides the learner through seven reflective steps:

Explore: After first impressions from the simulation experience, learners Explore their initial reactions.
Misconceptions: Next, learners review performance report to identify incorrect responses and Misconceptions.
Practice Standards: Learners are guided to research the practice standards and apply best practices to discover the correct answers to the incorrect decisions made in the simulation.
Opportunities: Learners are challenged to explore opportunities to integrate these new concepts into practice.
Wins: Learners are led to recognize their Wins, appraising the strategies, decision making and judgment that resulted in correct decisions and outcomes.
Evaluate: Next, the learners evaluate their attainment of the activity outcomes/competencies.
Reflect and Review: Lastly, the learners spend some time reflecting on the development of a specific change that will be implemented in a current or future practice role.
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EMPOWER® Debrief is available with all Virtual Simulations: