Data revealed using simulation in addition to coursework increased students’ confidence with key skills including communication, critical thinking and accountability

WATERBURY, Conn. (April 18, 2022) – A new academic research study conducted by several universities across three providences in Canada confirmed that positive learning outcomes were produced by nursing students who used Sentinel City®. The community and population health virtual simulation was created by Sentinel U®, a provider of web-based simulation education technology solutions for nursing schools, hospital systems and healthcare professionals.

Researchers from Dalhousie University, McMaster University, Fanshawe College, Nipissing University, St. Lawrence College, University of Windsor, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Lakehead University, St. Claire College, and the University of British Columbia sought to evaluate the impact of simulation on learning outcomes for nursing students enrolled in community health nursing courses. The data, collected between November 2020 and August 2021, revealed that participants demonstrated high confidence in many areas, including communication, collaboration, and leadership; legal, ethical, and professional accountability; and critical thinking.

The study also offered four key recommendations for institutions considering the use of simulation embedded in curriculum, such as providing students with opportunities for self-evaluation and offering clinical instructors with an in-depth orientation. Click here to view a full survey summary.

“Virtual simulation has become an increasingly important tool for providing nursing students with the confidence and experience to excel in their careers, and the results of this study validate this notion,” said Dr. Laura Gonzalez, vice president of clinical learning resources at Sentinel U. “Data from studies like this helps us strengthen our course offerings and address the needs of nursing students.”

Future studies will evaluate Sentinel City’s sister program, Sentinel City Canada. Student data is currently in the collection phase and will be reported later this year.

Sentinel City offers a full suite of engaging and authentic scenarios intended to challenge nursing students and prepare them to be successful in their academic studies. The immersive virtual simulation boasts diverse neighborhoods that provide learners the unique opportunity to interact with a wide demographic of patients – from geriatric to pediatric – and from different socio-economic levels.

The enhanced online learning platform incorporates virtual urban locations, data, and demographics designed to help nursing students develop advanced observation techniques, cultivate critical thinking skills, and practice professional caring of a patient population – all in a risk-free learning environment.

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Sentinel U is a leading provider of health care simulations and learning innovations for nursing students and healthcare professionals. Its authentic virtual simulations and clinical experiences are the best practice in engaging learners in real-world scenarios to gain unparalleled clinical judgement and critical thinking experience. A division of American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Post University, Sentinel U is an industry leader in virtual simulation education for more than 130,000 learner experiences worldwide. To learn more about Sentinel U and its full portfolio of virtual simulation products, visit


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