Advances in Technology Mediated Nursing Education

The use of virtual reality and other technology mediated simulations is in early stages. Guidelines and protocols are still being developed. However, much of what we have used in other forms of simulation can be successfully adapted and implemented. This article will highlight selected areas for use of virtual reality in nursing education. Current literature describes the evidence in this area that includes immersive and desktop virtual realities. Both modalities provide an experiential learning platform that has demonstrated gains in knowledge acquisition and effective learning outcomes. There are several options available to use virtual reality in nursing education. Appropriate educational frameworks and alignment of the virtual reality experience with learning outcomes are important considerations. Infrastructure and support for immersive or desktop virtual reality will look different. It is beneficial to collaborate with instructional technology support staff early in the process as options are explored. Overall, technology mediated simulations using virtual reality is a promising new area for nurse educators. A  thoughtful, informed approach can facilitate positive learner experiences and strong outcomes.

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