Clinical Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education

José Miguel Padilha, RN, MScN, PhD
Paulo Puga Machado, RN, MScN, PhD
Ana Leonor Ribeiro, RN, MScN, PhD
José Luís Ramos, RN, MScN

Clinical Simulation in Nursing, Volume 15, 13-18, February 2018


The introduction of simulation has produced significant improvements in nursing education. The technological evolution gives way to new opportunities through new pedagogical strategies. Some limitations found in high-fidelity simulators can be overcome by clinical virtual simulation (CVS). However, little is known about students’ perceived ease, usefulness, and intention to use this new pedagogical strategy applied to nursing education. The aim of this study is to assess the ease, usefulness, and intention of pregraduate nursing students to use a clinical virtual simulator.


An exploratory, descriptive, and cross-sectional study was conducted using a quantitative approach. A nonprobabilistic sample of 426 pregraduate students was recruited from a Portuguese nursing school. The data were collected through a questionnaire (10-point Likert scale) based on the Technology Acceptance Model.

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