Prioritizing Patient Care in Nursing

Choose Your Environment and Practice Prioritizing Care and Managing Resources

With hundreds of different factors and scenarios, our authentic virtual clinicals related to Prioritization and Delegation are our most robust. From the clinic, to geriatric care, to pediatrics and surgery, this unique collection of virtual simulations provide hours of practice in prioritizing and delegating resources. Learners practice clinical judgment and decision-making skills that relate to identifying and prioritizing patient care in these unique virtual scenarios that offer a high volume and vast variety of patients in multiple settings.

Each Prioritization of Care series features patients in a specific environment, such as a hospital or a clinic, so you can choose your focus. As learners work though the scenario, the patient assessment becomes progressively more difficult. The unique patients have symptoms ranging from early stage heart failure and respiratory distress to orthopedic pain and depression. Multiple modalities give learners critical thinking and nursing care scenarios that can be practiced repeatedly. Within Prioritization of Care, learners will record vital signs, interview patients and chart the observations and rationale in SBAR format.

Patient Management and Delegation®

The role of a nurse is multifaceted and complex and requires quick decision-making, often with many different factors at play. The Patient Management and Delegation scenario has learners work with 56 patients through five levels that progress in complexity. Students and nurses must step into the shoes of a charge nurse and put their clinical judgment skills to work, taking on high levels of responsibility and planning and coordinating nursing resources.

Prioritization of Care®

Nurses must make many multifaceted and complex decisions each and every day, taking into account a number of factors. Our Prioritization of Care Hospital, Clinic and Specialty Series virtual scenarios give learners the opportunity to practice prioritization and intervention selection in many different settings. They get to practice assessing symptoms, charting observations and more.

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