Colleges and universities around the world are transitioning to remote learning, and most of them are looking to online learning platforms to keep their students progressing toward the end of the school year.

For students in pre-licensure (ADN, 4-year BSN), post-licensure (RN-BSN) and various other nursing programs that require completing clinical hours, this presents a big problem. How can students complete their course requirements when their schools are closed—and even if they are open, how can they do so if the area where they live is requiring everyone to maintain distance from one another?

Introducing Virtual Simulations and Scenarios to Transition to Online Learning

If you’re a college or university representative trying to answer these very questions amid the coronavirus crisis (and your school’s campus closure), you need to explore the virtual clinical simulations, scenarios and digital activities created by Healthcare Learning Innovations, a division of American Sentinel University.

Years ago, our team recognized that virtual clinical simulations and online nursing scenarios could supplement what students learn in the classrooms and in their real-world clinical training. We created immersive, gamified virtual nursing simulations that help nursing students improve their decision-making abilities in a virtual environment. Today, these programs are readily available to any nursing program that is adjusting how they deliver their course work to students.

Built on Years of Experience

American Sentinel University is a pioneer in online education and has been delivering educational programs to nurses and other healthcare professionals for many years. Today, Healthcare Learning Innovations offers these virtual simulation programs to

other colleges, universities and hospital nurse training programs. Our clients put our virtual clinical simulations and virtual clinical scenarios to use in assignments, NCLEX practice programs, leadership courses, fundamentals courses, new nurse training programs, charge nurse preparation and many other areas.

What Are Virtual Clinical Scenarios?

Virtual clinical scenarios sharpen evaluation and decision-making skills and get progressively more challenging with each step. Healthcare Learning Innovations has several online nursing scenarios that education program leaders can use to help students:

  • Develop their critical thinking skills and judgment with instant debriefing
  • Master acuity assessment, care prioritization, and patient management and delegation

Available virtual clinical scenarios:

  • Prioritization of Care® – Hospital and Clinic Versions Available
  • Patient Management and Delegation®
  • Nursing Quality Indicators
  • Family Support and Home Assessment with Care Plan

What Are Virtual Clinical Simulations?

Healthcare Learning Innovations’ virtual clinical simulations offer life-like practice experience for students who need to earn clinical hours in Community and Population Health courses. Faculty closely track participation and outcomes in these interactive simulations. These programs are used to help students:

  • Conduct windshield surveys and virtual urban community assessments
  • Learn how to engage in population-focused interventions
  • Practice critical thinking, observation and care planning
  • Gain exposure to a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds (Sentinel City)
  • Learn about the unique healthcare requirements of people in more remote regions of the U.S. (Sentinel Town)

Available Products:

  • Sentinel City® – Urban environment
  • Sentinel Town® – Rural Environment

40+ easily implemented assignments are available to integrate within Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town®

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is creating unprecedented uncertainty and is affecting every person in our world. We want to help schools that are moving from classroom-based to online learning make a smooth and quick transition that does not disrupt the educational experience of their students.

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