Nursing Simulation Scenarios that Build Knowledge and Skills

Nursing Simulation Scenarios that Build Knowledge and Skills

Nursing Simulation Scenarios that Build Knowledge and Skills

Virtual clinicals are giving learners, whether they are future nurses or current healthcare professionals, the opportunity to sharpen their evaluation and critical decision-making skills in a no-risk environment. Our scenarios provide virtual clinical hours, but more than that, they provide a motivating, challenging, and engaging way for learners to experience meaningful content and build their knowledge and skills.

The scenario you choose may be focused on examining patients and prioritizing care or it could be making delegation decisions based on handoff reports and nursing resources; regardless of which scenario you select, each one becomes progressively more challenging and rewards learners with quick feedback and achievement badges. Our virtual scenarios were designed in direct collaboration with subject matter experts to include relevant healthcare concepts and principles that map directly to your curriculum or objectives.

Up to 12 Clinical Hours per Clinical with Dozens Available

Sample of Assignment Topics

  • Family Support Assessment
  • Home Safety Assessment Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan
  • Basic Windshield Survey
  • Professional Roles and Organizations
  • Health Policy Recommendations
  • Compare & Contrast: City vs Town
  • Tornado Emergency Response Planning
  • Civic Disturbance / Emergency Response & Social Media Communication
  • ABC Day Care Emergency Scenario
  • NEW pandemic assignments
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Malnutrition among the Older-Elderly
  • Population-Focused Interventions
  • Global Community Health Issues
  • Community and Health Subsystem

– Assignments

– Physical Environment

– Communication

– Economics

– Education

– Health & Social Services

– Politics and Government

– Recreation

–  Safety & Transportation

  • 23 Diverse Citizens + 4 Key Informants

  • 100+ Sets of Unique and Authentic Data and Demographics

  • Virtual Urban and Suburban Locations and Neighborhoods

  • “Camera” and Notes Wizard for Recording Observations

  • Fully Integrated Family Support and Home Assessment with Care Plan

  • Searchable Assignment Catalog, Including 30+ Assignments with Grading Rubrics

  • Admin Portal with Access to Activity Reports

  • Detailed Faculty Guide with Operating Instructions and Teaching Suggestions

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