Patient Management and Delegation®

Teach Learners to Lead, Manage and Delegate

Patient Management and Delegation® Simulations Teach Leadership Skills

Teaching Delegation in Nursing

In this scenario, learners will step into the shoes of a Charge Nurse and have to practice clinical judgment and decision-making skills related to setting acuities, scheduling, delegating and prioritizing patient care.

As learners work with each of the 56 patients through five levels that progress in complexity, they use “big picture” insight to assign these patients to nurses depending on the nurse’s experience, record of efficiency and overall caseload. Working from SBAR handoff reports and staff nurse details, learners will take on high levels of responsibility and learn to plan, coordinate and evaluate nursing resources in an engaging environment that offers no risk to patients and staff but feels very real.

This scenario gives learners access for 12 months and permits more than one solution based on the mix of patients, nurses, and acuity; additionally, it comes with intuitive reporting to allow faculty or hospital coordinators to easily track activity. Most commonly, this scenario is utilized in Nursing Leadership and Management, Transition to Nursing Practice, and Capstone courses.

Up to 7 Total Clinical Hours

  • Provides practice setting acuity levels, scheduling patients to nurses, delegating tasks to nursing assistants, and prioritizing care

  • 50 diverse patients and 5 levels of increasing difficulty

  • Remediation provided immediately for each decision

  • Opportunity to earn badges to keep learning fun

  • Access to Dashboard metrics and activity reports

  • Detailed faculty and training guides complete with Quick Start Guide, Troubleshooting, Teaching Suggestions, FAQs, and content for each level

Testimonial from Northern Kentucky University

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